Jun. 28th, 2010

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"We have 32Gb iPhones in stock at the Victoria Street branch", said the O2 website. Well, that is but a short walk from my work place, so off I went. And found, as I approached, a burly security guard explaning to approximately one person every three seconds that no, they had sold out this morning.

To console myself, I bought lunch at the sushi shop next door, and also a bottle of fine Japanese green iced tea with nothing added and especially no sugar. And I thought, as I was coming back, that I have plenty of green tea teabags, and could get more green tea, easily enough, and that £1.95 was really quite a lot for what was essentially tea and water.

But how to make cold, refreshing, green tea, using only the tools I have in the office? Google finds lots of arguments. I should add that instant iced teas are available in the UK, but last I saw they all had either sugar or sweeteners, and I am a bitter drinker.

The tools in the office, incidentally, consist of:

A source of nearly boiling filtered water.
A source of chilled filtered water.
Hot and cold taps.
A microwave oven.
A fridge.
A toaster.
A large mug.
A plastic 500ml bottle that once contained green tea.
No sun.


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